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P&T Royal Ware Year-End Family Party Feb 05

As 2020 year gone.P&T royal ware family stay together for the new year celebration and forward.

After a hard year, the R&D group :the foreign trade import and export sale team,the modern ceramic dinnerware "Zhongtao"showrooms,the bone china plate"Paitao"showroom , the modern hotel dinerware "New Silk Road" showroom, the tableware experience "greatbay"hall and our michelin star chef Evan Chen,head chef of the Olympic Games and etc. we got together and started playing games below:

Everyboby got into the game and relaxing,with the happy smile moment below :

With the funny game to close relationship in pito ceramic family , we got the review of the whole year about what we have achieved ? what we done ?and how the furture do ?

About the goals, the plans, the person in charge of each department showing below:

(Sales director:Rock Cai)

Executive Vice President:Paul Wu)

(P&T Royal Ware Mamaging Director: Peter Xu)

After the meetting,we got the delicious Japanese cuisine,Chinese food with our unique bone china dinnerware decoration

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